Family Line

Our Story

This journey began like most.  I asked my mother information about my Fathers side of the family and even though we lived only a mile from my grandparents, there was very little know about my great grand parents and nothing beyond that.

33 years later and I have answered many of the questions I had that day.  Yesterday, I found out even more.  The Seeker, Se(a)ward, Gentry and Todd lines have been researched extensively.   Also working on the Collins, Anderson, Yount among others!

Our Approach

Each investigation is different.  We start the process by understanding who you think you are and then with that information, we utilize numerous online professional databases as well as hundreds of other resources.

After we have exhausted the easily available online opportunities, we then present the results to you and determine if you desire a deep dive which includes travel, fees for documents reproduction etc.    We are willing to go as far back as history and your budget will let us.

When we are finished, YOU are the owner of all the data we collect to include photos, documents and a full genealogy report.

Meet the Team

This should be easy!  Currently, I am the only full time employee of  As we grow, I will be bringing on experts from all across the United States.  If possible, I intend to reach across the world!


Tom Seeker


Family Genealogist

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